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We employ people from all over Canada and the world who want to be a part of Banff National Park. We aim to help people extend themselves into this place. Our staff care, so we gave them a voice. 

We created the Collective Community Commitment, aka ‘CCC’. 

Banff Hospitality Collective | Collective Community Commitment (CCC)

Collective Community Commitment


The ‘CCC’ is a committee of BHC employees who volunteer their time to give back to the community. They set strategic annual goals in 3 categories:

1) Donations of Time
2) Donations of Money
3) Environmental Responsibility

Armed with a terms of reference and a budget, they are challenged to innovate.


The three ways we

Give Back

Donations of Time

Time is money as the old saying goes. Time is also a personal commitment, which is equally as meaningful.

Donations of Money

We are so lucky to have amazing local organizations doing amazing things. We like to help them out with their hard work.

Environmental Responsibility

Goal setting is a must here. Implementation can be really challenging. It is our job to create a culture of environmental ambassadorship.


Working with & donating to GREAT LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS



3rd Annual '12 Days of Giving'

  • Outline
    All BHC employees are given an easy access opportunity to donate money for 12 days over the Christmas season

  • Goal
    Raise funds for local non-profits, BHC matches all funds raised

  • Method
    An anonymous envelope system was created and is facilitated by each restaurant

  • Outcome
    Since 2016, BHC staff have donated over $12,000 of their own money which was matched by Banff Hospitality Collective for a total of over $24,000

Straws Suck

  • Outline
    Participate in the #strawssuck movement

  • Goal
    Eliminate plastic straws from all BHC venues, educate staff and guests

  • Method
    Stop ordering plastic straws. For guests who want a straw, provide eco-friendly options. Work with our suppliers to urge them to source us eco friendly options.

  • Outcome
    100% of BHC venues are plastic straw free. Compostable straws in select drinks, or upon request. We had a heck of a time sourcing the perfect compostable straw, and some venues are just cycling through the remaining biodegradable ones (we no longer source these as they don't break down entirely). Staff education/dialogue continues to be challenging, but the participation & response has been AMAZING. 

2nd annual Bow Valley SPCA Volunteer Day

  • Outline
    Facilitate an organized SPCA Volunteer Day on the day of the BHC Christmas party when all our venues are closed

  • Goal
    Give BHC staff the opportunity to donate their time to an amazing local non-profit organization

  • Outcome
    The 2017 day was at capacity at 23 BHC volunteers. Together they donated 135 hours

Working for the Community

  • Outline
    Salaried managers will be paid to give back.Each of our venues will be allocated 5 paid days leave to volunteer their time with a local non-profit. 

  • Goal
    Donate time to organizations who need it and get our managers involved in the community!

  • Method
    Research existing volunteer opportunities in the Bow Valley. Create new ones as well. 

  • Outcome
    This could equal 480 hours donated per year. Stay tuned! 

Organics Composting

  • Outline
    Do a better job with our venue organics composting programs

  • Goal
    We aim to divert as much organic waste as possible from landfills to Banff's centralized composting facility

  • Method
    We are examining the specific needs for each of our venues, identifying the barriers to having seamless diversion programs in place and creating individual action plans to overcome the barriers.

  • Outcome
    This is ongoing… 2 of our venues have very well run organics programs. We have commenced an action plan for one venue and the results are positive so far! We addressed space constraints, signage & staff training. We will measure the outcomes of this project before we move onto the next.

BHC Community cleanup

  • Outline
    Cleaning up the streets of Banff to show our staff and community how much we care about the environment and this town.

  • Goal
    To keep our beautiful mountain town clean!

  • Method
    Organize a 2 hour clean up once a month that targets a different area of Banff townsite. Provide our staff with supplies and maps of clean up zones. 

  • Outcome
    There has been an overwhelming staff participation in the clean up Staff have brought along their children, pets and parents to assist in the clean up!  


Local Donation requests

We proudly support Bow valley causes & organizations.


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