Steps to creating an event in the Collective Calendar


1) Go into ‘Pages’

2) Scroll all the way to the bottom and click ‘Events for BHC calendar’

3) To duplicate an event (ex: Summit Club when you would like to work off a template) scroll over the desired event and click ‘Edit’

4) Click ‘Duplicate’ (located in the lower right hand corner)

5) In the new event, update all titles, text & dates:

  • Title of event

  • Read through all text and change any text

6) In the new event, update the ‘Sign Up’ button

  • Change the ‘form name’ to reflect date of event by typing in the field. NOTE: This will be the title of the email which the form recipient receives

  • Add email to ‘Sign up Button’ by going into the edit mode on the button and clicking ‘Storage’ and entering desired email address then click ‘connect’

  • Customize the post-submit message (the pop-up message the person who is signing up gets) by going into the ‘advanced’ tab

7) Chose weather or not you want to publish the event to the calendar, or leave it as a draft

8) Test the event: Be sure you are not in edit mode. Be sure all the text & dates are correct. Test the sign up button to be sure the recipient gets it