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Banff Hospitality Collective Employee spotlight


January 2018

Gareth Paget, from Auckland, New Zealand, has been living in Canada for 18 months. With a strong 10 year background in Creative Design his diverse portfolio now includes BHC. Gareth is the creator of all the venue videos seen on this website. No small task. In addition to a full time Banff lifestyle of skiing and socializing, he works at High Rollers as a Bartender, Shift Leader, and Trivia Curator Extraordinaire. 

Also, you can catch Gareth at every second Banff Farmers Market selling his own clothing line 'Loose clothing'

BHC employee spotlight Banff

Emma Murrell-orgill

May 2018

Emma Murrell-Orgill, Emma Murrell-Orgill, one of the rockstar servers at the Bison Restaurant & Terrace, is from the Central Coast, Australia, and moved to Banff to learn to snowboard and live the world renowned mountain lifestyle offered here! She loves the ocean, camping, hiking, snowboarding, and just being outside so it should come as no surprise that, as a Marine Conservationist, she has been learning a lot about single use plastics and their negative effect on the environment, and wants to do something about it! Emma recently started the Bear Minimum, a non-profit in Banff that aims to get like minded people together to look at ways of reducing plastic and re-purposing it, for both the community and local businesses. Way to go, Emma! Want to learn more about the Bear Minimum?

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Collective Community Commitment

Collective Community Commitment  

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